Kabir Singh – Official Trailer | Shahid Kapoor, Kiara Advani | Sandeep Reddy Vanga | 21st June 2019


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  • Ajitesh Ranjan
    Ajitesh Ranjan  2 minutes back

    @0:35 Thts me when someone asks me Tera CA kab complete hoga?

    • rahul singh
      rahul singh  4 minutes back

      Love this trailer ❤❤
      Same situation is in my relation and have same type of pagalpaan as kabir singh..

      • Raana Visuals
        Raana Visuals  8 minutes back

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        • İbo GT
          İbo GT  23 minutes back


          • vinay joshi
            vinay joshi  25 minutes back


            • vlog wonders
              vlog wonders  37 minutes back

              bhai kya banadiya ….rongta khada hogaye ….already watch 16 times...still can't resist myself by watching more and more...trailer tumhara data pack humara khatam kar raha hai..hehe

              • soneya dhali
                soneya dhali  43 minutes back

                Barun dhawan k dile ro valo lagto

                • Sangam Sai vardhan
                  Sangam Sai vardhan  51 minutes back

                  Arjun Reddy is the best

                  • paisa chaiya
                    paisa chaiya  1 hours back

                    Dev das as a doctor

                    • Nouman Haider
                      Nouman Haider  1 hours back

                      I don't know the reason but I am going to watch this..... 😜 MOVIE.

                      • Annie John
                        Annie John  1 hours back

                        Beykhayali song ????

                        • Jadav Vignesh
                          Jadav Vignesh  1 hours back

                          Jai superstar mahesh babu

                          • SAif Sehzad
                            SAif Sehzad  2 hours back

                            Is anyone is here who didn’t watch arjun reddy?

                            • lared
                              lared  2 hours back

                              Looks stupid.

                              • Pintu Nagvnsi
                                Pintu Nagvnsi  2 hours back

                                Tere liye kuchh v kr sakta hu Priti..I love this word

                                • Kanchapu Lenin
                                  Kanchapu Lenin  2 hours back

                                  I like movie because I'm telugu block buster

                                  • Soumyajit Guy
                                    Soumyajit Guy  2 hours back

                                    Just go to hell

                                    • Imran Raza khan
                                      Imran Raza khan  2 hours back

                                      modi best vedio😄😄😁😁👌😁😄😄🤘😄🤘🤣🤣🤣🤣https://youtu.be/CTL8CKyScPo

                                      • Arundeep Singh
                                        Arundeep Singh  2 hours back

                                        Awesome trailer😍loved it

                                        • Parvezsahil Parvez
                                          Parvezsahil Parvez  2 hours back

                                          BLOCKBUSTER this movie

                                          • Carter Lucitor
                                            Carter Lucitor  2 hours back

                                            Pewdiepie for life

                                            • Aakash Sawlani
                                              Aakash Sawlani  2 hours back

                                              This movie could be biggest lovestory of 2019❤❤

                                              • Severus Snape
                                                Severus Snape  2 hours back

                                                Usne haat lagaya uska Mader****....

                                                • Sudip Mahata
                                                  Sudip Mahata  2 hours back

                                                  Best trailer ever i seen

                                                  • आditया kumar
                                                    आditया kumar  2 hours back

                                                    I m the only one who Watch Trailer Again And Again
                                                    Just For The Song...😋

                                                    • dhirendra kashyap
                                                      dhirendra kashyap  2 hours back

                                                      Going through the same situation of kabir😔😔

                                                      • muzammil zameer
                                                        muzammil zameer  2 hours back

                                                        Rockstar ya kabir Singh 🤔🤔

                                                        • Smart India
                                                          Smart India  2 hours back

                                                          Mast yrr🤘🤘🤘

                                                          • lavanya andya
                                                            lavanya andya  3 hours back

                                                            It is our telugu ARJUN REDDY

                                                            • MDPL Waseem S
                                                              MDPL Waseem S  3 hours back

                                                              Telugu debbing move

                                                              • Rahul Gupta
                                                                Rahul Gupta  3 hours back

                                                                Millions views increase kro frnd..

                                                                • S KING
                                                                  S KING  3 hours back

                                                                  I Watched this trailer Every Day 😍😍💥💥💥💥💥💥

                                                                  • aditya bahety
                                                                    aditya bahety  3 hours back

                                                                    When are you releasing bekhayali officially?
                                                                    Dying for the song 😍😍😍

                                                                  • Anoop Singh Mehar
                                                                    Anoop Singh Mehar  3 hours back

                                                                    Bekhayli song is going to be out in TWO Days

                                                                  • Ârshï Ãhāñ
                                                                    Ârshï Ãhāñ  3 hours back

                                                                    Who is here only for kaira advani ???

                                                                    • chee ku
                                                                      chee ku  3 hours back

                                                                      Bhai aag lga di bc ❤️❤️

                                                                      • Nabin shrestha
                                                                        Nabin shrestha  3 hours back

                                                                        Sitll in trending in Nepal 🇳🇵 shahid_kapoor 😎😎😎

                                                                        • mahi roy
                                                                          mahi roy  3 hours back

                                                                          addicted to this song......

                                                                          • OMKAR RAJPUT
                                                                            OMKAR RAJPUT  3 hours back


                                                                            • Abantika Bose
                                                                              Abantika Bose  3 hours back

                                                                              1:29 that pain💔

                                                                              • Aditya Singh
                                                                                Aditya Singh  4 hours back

                                                                                Iska career ka sabse best film hona chahea

                                                                                • Shiva .N
                                                                                  Shiva .N  4 hours back

                                                                                  No one can replace vijaydaverakonda

                                                                                  • Mamta Tamta
                                                                                    Mamta Tamta  4 hours back

                                                                                    I also love him with this passion 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

                                                                                    • Lokesh Nayak
                                                                                      Lokesh Nayak  4 hours back

                                                                                      Who watched more than 10 times

                                                                                      • nuzhat halemani
                                                                                        nuzhat halemani  4 hours back

                                                                                        Vijay deverkoda is legend of this movie😍😘 Arjun Reddy

                                                                                        • Kaushal Kulkarni
                                                                                          Kaushal Kulkarni  4 hours back

                                                                                          Kya chutyap picture hai be. Saala konsa doctor aisa karta hai?🤔😒😡

                                                                                          • Brohit
                                                                                            Brohit  4 hours back

                                                                                            I AM ACTUALLY REALLY EXCITED FOR THIS ONE!!

                                                                                            • naren meena
                                                                                              naren meena  4 hours back

                                                                                              Bollywood live and kicking in remake🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😊😊