How the Buccaneers fell apart after dominating the 2002 Super Bowl


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  • SB Nation
    SB Nation   4 months back

    Heyoooo thanks for watching episode one of "Collapse," wanted to let you know we'll have a new episode of this next Wednesday, as well as the Wednesday after that, and the Wednesday after that. From there, if we're still alive we'll probably keep making it but idk I'm not Nostradamus

    • noobslayer10101
      noobslayer10101  1 weeks back

      You guys should do one on the NHL. The Edmonton Oilers since 2007 comes to mind bwhahahaha

    • man united fan
      man united fan  1 months back

      You should do Manchester United collapse.

    • Silver Lucario
      Silver Lucario  2 months back

      What is the music? It sounds wonderful

    • camilo fuentes
      camilo fuentes  2 months back

      Hey guys great videos... Can you do one about FORMULA 1 Team Williams? It really interests me since it's a multi championship winning weam from the 80's and 90's and now it's really struggling, trailing more than a second behind the second to last team in every session for 2 year now.

      If you could i'd really thank you!

  • FungiRy91
    FungiRy91  2 hours back

    Gruden only won that super bowl because of 2 reasons, 1. The team he was gifted and 2. He played his former team that ran the same playbook as they did with Gruden. He's the worst coach in the nfl

    • LeeLee Stonecipher
      LeeLee Stonecipher  7 hours back

      Keyshawn Johnson was the most overrated receiver in the history of football at any level. Riduculous that he went #1 overall.

      • LeeLee Stonecipher
        LeeLee Stonecipher  7 hours back

        That was Dungys' ring. Gruden got put into the 100% perfect situation. Like Seifert and Switzer. Those teams really didnt need a coach. Dungy got his revenge though😂😂

        • David Minor
          David Minor  8 hours back

          Do the St Louis Rams

          • Jacob Peterson
            Jacob Peterson  11 hours back

            Gruden was OVERRATED, the Bucs were OVERRATED. Yes Sapp and Brooks were Badass's, however if it wasn't for the Raiders running the same plays like 1 year before when Gruden was coaching, the Raiders would have beaten the Bucs. The Raiders at the time were very good on both sides of the ball. The Bucs were only good on the defense. Gruden never made a offense through the entire time he was in Tampa bay. The defense is what kept them winning just like 2000 Ravens. Keyshawn was extremely overrated, Brad Johnson was a solid starter but 8 wouldn't want him with 2 min left in the game. Who was their play maker WR or RB. That's what always cracks me up when people say how good Jon Gruden was as a coach. I remember it pissed me off when they were on the sidelines celebrating with the SB hats on and the 3rd quarter wasn't even over yet.

            • Him
              Him  1 days back

              Those are still the best uniforms in Bucs history

              • PumpkinsDontCry
                PumpkinsDontCry  2 days back

                Cocaines a helluva drug

                • Zach Johnson
                  Zach Johnson  3 days back

                  We'll be back. Tampa Bay will return to the super bowl.

                  • Jay Rivers
                    Jay Rivers  3 days back

                    What's worse than the Bucs? Antonio Brown's Twerking Celebration

                    • 242bleek
                      242bleek  4 days back

                      Us Bucs fans always look back fondly on 2002, still the greatest defense to this day. The Bucs had a legendary defense well before Gruden but Zero offense. Gruden brought some offense to the table with Dungy's defense and Superbowl champs were made. It really was Dungy's team and no coaches have done more for the Bucs than Tony Dungy and Monte Kiffin. I remember that Monday night game against the Colts, to me that game marked the official collapse of the bucs greatness and the start of a long history of blowing big leads and sucking which they do to this day.

                      • NYG_DBONE 10
                        NYG_DBONE 10  4 days back

                        Your title is wrong it is the 2002 regular season and 2003 Super Bowl.

                        • Brody Kriegel
                          Brody Kriegel  5 days back

                          Do a collapse video on the 2014 49ers

                          • Adam West
                            Adam West  5 days back

                            You guys definitely need to do the 2001 Seattle Mariners team

                            • Nostalgic Gamer
                              Nostalgic Gamer  5 days back

                              Awesome topic

                              • sayed islam
                                sayed islam  1 weeks back

                                one day will go to the shper bowl

                                • Phillip Mouzon
                                  Phillip Mouzon  1 weeks back

                                  Gruden is a control freak ...would be a better college coach

                                  • Ernest C Sanchez
                                    Ernest C Sanchez  2 weeks back

                                    Next video the 2079 Phoenix Suns!! From 4 peat to bad bad bad 😐...

                                    • Dave Kirst
                                      Dave Kirst  2 weeks back

                                      Tampa Bay cheated that's won because Gruden gave them the plays

                                      • Anthony Saviano
                                        Anthony Saviano  2 weeks back

                                        Can't wait for the inevitable New England Patriots collapse video.

                                        • D Mateo
                                          D Mateo  3 weeks back

                                          Florida teams suck...

                                          • donald deluxe
                                            donald deluxe  3 weeks back

                                            the colts and the bucs game was a BS blow, at the very end the 1st missed field goal was repeated due to a total bullshit call.

                                            • Scott Farmer
                                              Scott Farmer  3 weeks back

                                              After Super Bowl XXXVII I thought that Jon Gruden was the best Head Coach in the NFL. But after just the following season I changed my mind. Gruden didn't win another playoff game with Tampa Bay, and I doubt he will even get a chance to win one in Oakland.

                                              • Jordan Breedlove
                                                Jordan Breedlove  3 weeks back

                                                The raiders let him drive home.

                                                • Morphical
                                                  Morphical  3 weeks back

                                                  Easily one of the most forgotten super bowls of the 21st century

                                                  • Clutch Sports
                                                    Clutch Sports  3 weeks back

                                                    Well done, first episode with my favorite team. I like it, even though it broke my heart all over again.

                                                    • Nurse08
                                                      Nurse08  3 weeks back

                                                      Really good video. And a really interesting insight into what Gruden is currently doing in Oakland. Be interesting to see if now that he has the opportunity to make all the changes he wants if it actually works for him. At the very least it should make for an interesting season.

                                                      • whitefangv
                                                        whitefangv  3 weeks back

                                                        Unless you are the Patriots it's really hard to sustain a dynasty

                                                        • Big Daddy Kane
                                                          Big Daddy Kane  4 weeks back

                                                          Do the 99 season and 2016 season for the Broncos 🔷🔶🔷🔶

                                                          • TAI TIM
                                                            TAI TIM  4 weeks back

                                                            Historically the Bucs has been a bad team, and 2002 was an exception. They acquired Jon Gruden to get them over the hump— beating the Eagles on the road and winning the Super Bowl. Gruden has been way overrated as a coach (except that two games) and Dungy deserved credit for building that Bucs team, yet at the end of the day only championship mattered.

                                                            • Dustin Oliver
                                                              Dustin Oliver  4 weeks back

                                                              Do the Broncos superb 50 win

                                                              • Nicholas Kling
                                                                Nicholas Kling  4 weeks back

                                                                So Gruden traded the top WRs, got rid of the best defenders and signed aging veterans. Sound familiar Oakland?

                                                                • Bahala Na Kennels
                                                                  Bahala Na Kennels  4 weeks back

                                                                  Gruden is, was and always will be a joke.

                                                                  • P
                                                                    P  4 weeks back

                                                                    Jon Gruden took a team made by Dungy, then he destroyed it.

                                                                    • Timothy Muldoon
                                                                      Timothy Muldoon  4 weeks back

                                                                      Ebola is breaking out in West africa and I get a add for a show about ebola

                                                                      • David W
                                                                        David W  4 weeks back

                                                                        If you wanted to continue the story with how the Buc's collapse sustained itself over the last decade through the 2018 season, just look at the starting QB's since Brad Johnson was benched:
                                                                        Chris Simms
                                                                        - Bust (spleen)
                                                                        Brian Griese
                                                                        - Just throw to Galloway dammit!
                                                                        Bruce Gradkowski
                                                                        - Meh
                                                                        Tim Rattay
                                                                        - Ugh
                                                                        Jeff Garcia
                                                                        - Best QB on the list and the only guy who actually tried on the 2008 team
                                                                        Luke McCown
                                                                        - Meh
                                                                        Josh Freeman
                                                                        - 5 years of mediocrity, seriously overrated
                                                                        Josh Johnson
                                                                        - Seriously?
                                                                        Byron Leftwich
                                                                        - Weird throwing motion (now Buc's Offensive Coordinator.... We'll see...)
                                                                        Mike Glennon
                                                                        - Meh
                                                                        Josh McClown
                                                                        - Yes, his name is spelled right
                                                                        Jameis Winston
                                                                        - 5 years of mediocrity, seriously overrated
                                                                        Ryan Fitzmagic - Oh oh Fitzmagic! I miss him already

                                                                        • Matthew Martinez
                                                                          Matthew Martinez  4 weeks back

                                                                          Let’s be real this was dungys team. They canned him kept his system and finally got over the hump. They fell apart because they didn’t have dungy to sustain their success

                                                                          • Douglas Davis
                                                                            Douglas Davis  4 weeks back

                                                                            In a world full of "what ifs..." I would like to have seen a few things swing differently in everyone's favor.
                                                                            Beginning with Dungy never being fired. BUT...put on a bit of leash and in the off-season having he and Rich McKay look at free agents like...Keenan McCardell and Joe Jurevicious.

                                                                            I realize that offense would have operated completely different under Dungy than it did under Gruden. Still, the biggest off-season acquisitions that Gruden made were two wide receivers. Both of whom made huge contributions to the team. Jurevicious' performance throughout the playoffs was special. McCardell was the red zone target that Keyshawn Johnson wasn't capable of being. I mean, how do you lead the entire league in receptions in 2001 and among those only have one touchdown? Keyshawn was good, but he needed more talent around to compliment him. Guys like Karl Williams, Riedel Anthony, Jacques Green, even Bert Emanuel weren't going to help get a passing game going in Tampa.

                                                                            So let's say Dungy doesn't get fired and yet makes those same off season moves...possibly even retaining Warrick Dunn in the process?

                                                                            If Dungy doesn't get fired and he pays attention to offense, Gruden never leaves the Raiders.

                                                                            Each team remains relevant and meet each other in SB-37. The difference then is a much closer game, with a score of 21-17 or something. Regardless of who would've won, BOTH teams remain relevant for the next few years.

                                                                            The Bucs collapse following the SB win was bad, but the Raiders collapse after that loss has been pathetic.

                                                                        • Justin Snow
                                                                          Justin Snow  1 months back

                                                                          "The guy at the end of the bar can still say, 'Hey, we'll always have 2002.' Just don't let home drive home."

                                                                          As a Bucs fan, that's way too accurate

                                                                          • Austin Ryan
                                                                            Austin Ryan  1 months back

                                                                            My championship fantasy team that year was Tampas def, K. Johnson, Charlie Gardner, and Rich Gannon!

                                                                            • Cole S
                                                                              Cole S  1 months back

                                                                              Every team that didn’t repeat into perpetuity is a collapse apparently. Milking it for all it’s worth huh guys

                                                                              • The Roach Den
                                                                                The Roach Den  1 months back

                                                                                Gruden wanted to run the team as he did in Oakland before.

                                                                                • Palm Beach Athletic Complex

                                                                                  This was my favorite team for the longest time, and if you look at some of the talent they had, they could have been perennial contenders. When they hired Lovie Smith I started hoping they would lose some, and when they drafted Rapist Winston I decided to actually hate the team.

                                                                                  • Josh Fitzer
                                                                                    Josh Fitzer  1 months back

                                                                                    I need more of these NFL collapse videos. Seriously, I’ll watch every single one.

                                                                                    • Allan Hernandez
                                                                                      Allan Hernandez  1 months back

                                                                                      Bucs fell apart after losing to Payton Manning and the colts giving up 28 points in under minutes @ home

                                                                                      • Jarrad Lavoie
                                                                                        Jarrad Lavoie  1 months back

                                                                                        I honestly feel like this is the best sports channel on YouTube. I watch this more than ESPN and any other sports channel on here. The videos are great quality, well researched and broken down, and the subject matter is usually always something I'm interested in watching. Got a sub and I'm part of ur notification gang

                                                                                        • Jimmy K
                                                                                          Jimmy K  1 months back

                                                                                          Biggest mistake was giving Gruden personnel control and letting Rich McKay leave for Atlanta. Rich McKay built that team, drafted Lynch, Brooks, Sapp, Barber, Alstott, etc..., no question Gruden got them over the top and they wouldn't have won a Super Bowl without that move, Tony Dungy couldn't figure out the offense, Bucs went their last 3 playoff games under Dungy, all losses without scoring a touchdown.

                                                                                          • paul lilko
                                                                                            paul lilko  1 months back

                                                                                            Simeon Rice was let go after 06 and Shelton Quarles retired after 06

                                                                                            • Mitchell D
                                                                                              Mitchell D  2 months back

                                                                                              If I was a head coach, receivers would be my last priority and running back flanker types would be runners and catchers...damn diva receivers ruin a team quick as anything