The COVID-19 Vaccine Vexation!

In the recent cricket Test Series between England and India the 2-1 bring about favour on the visitors still hangs in balance entirely because of the fact that a few non-playing people Team India were found COVID-19 positive which suggests that the fifth as well as the last Test needed to be cancelled only as a result of India’s fault while not a single playing member with the team got the issue. Now, the advance in travel regulations for Indians visiting United Kingdom can be quite a fallout from the cricket hanger, meaning that this Indians are feared as increasing numbers of prone to getting or spreading the COVID-19 virus using its variants; that India could be the originator with the more infectious Delta variant and that is again mutating in the Delta Plus; as well as perhaps also possibly that this handling in the Second Wave from the pandemic in India ended up being disastrous. Therefore, simply the Englishmen may be feeling insecure with vulnerable Indians loitering around of their territories after form of achieving the feat of living with all the virus and checking everything such as cricket stadiums to your crowds devoid of the necessity of even masks. They are conveniently forgetting the standard truth that vaccine breakthroughs are possible also for fully vaccinated people everywhere inside the world, not merely India.

What the UK government did is very wrong, unexpected and absurd: which the Indian travellers, no matter what vaccinated you aren’t, have to undergo at the least two RT-PCR tests and still have to be on 10-day quarantine after arriving there. Apart from your unnecessary inconvenience and exorbitant costs involved, particularly with the Indian students going there to check, this basically implies that this vaccines in India are fakes, plus a fully vaccinated an affiliate India becomes ‘unvaccinated’ once s/he arrives in UK. Why? The Indian vaccine Covishield is usually a licensed product of UK, being the officially valid version of these homemade AstraZeneca vaccine manufactured by the Oxford University, as well as in more significantly India had exported a lot of doses of Covishield for their country earlier. The fully India-made Covaxin may be proved to get as effective as any vaccine with the world in preventing no less than the serious form on the disease and hospitalization.

The Government of India and also the Ministry of External Affairs have previously lodged a solid protest with all the United Kingdom government calling the measures discriminatory and as well warned of adopting reciprocal action. If unresolved, that is going to seriously hamper the healthy bilateral relations between two countries. The UK foreign department has assured India of the re-look engrossed, but up to now the discriminatory regulations usually are not lifted. The World Health Organization (WHO) also has rebuked UK for such actions. However, it may be the WHO that’s not yet approved either Covishield or Covaxin for emergency employ all over the globe rapidly former’s link on the approved AstraZeneca plus the latter being proven effective and safe. This raises an important question concerning the authenticity from the respective drug regulatory authorities of assorted countries: are the regulators only country-specific but not valid for other regulators? This absurd situation must change, but only if to give the best respect on the medical scientists and experts involved tirelessly from the vaccine-making along with the approving process inside shortest possible time. And the Indians figure prominently inside number of medical scientists or experts involved inside the process throughout the world, independent of the fact the India is the largest vaccine supplier towards the world.

Earlier the discussion ended up being about ‘vaccine nationalism’; now because the situation warrants we’ll must discuss regarding the syndrome with the ‘vaccine superpowers’ along with the inequalities emerging away from that with one block denying or you cannot recognizing additional block. For example, the Russian and also the Chinese vaccines are yet to become accepted throughout the world without WHO approval. Former US President Donald Trump still appears to have the trump card through providing everything, during his not too long ago in office, in to the development with the most modern Messenger RNA (mrna) vaccines, namely Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna, which one can find for use globally. However, developing countries like India as well as other poor countries can’t afford these vaccines on account of very high prices and also the storage hassles. Ultimately, the WHO has to try such vexing issues since it had earlier made international sharing with the ready vaccines compulsory for those countries.

The absolutely wrong plus the discriminatory measures on the United Kingdom, almost smacking of racism, has to be lifted as soon as possible and also the WHO must expedite the approval process from the Indian vaccines along with proven vaccines in the world. The priority must be completely on freeing Planet Earth through the curse on the pandemic inside the fast track, and positively not on rivalries, racism, nationalism and bilateral or international fights or skirmishes.

As per latest reports UK has included Covishield of their list of approved vaccines which will take effect only from 4th October 2021. But to confound matters further the authorities have refused to just accept India’s CoWin vaccine certificates, and this also means the 10-day quarantine plus tests continues still for Indian travelers.

Chinmay Chakravarty is often a professional specialized from the creative field with two decades of experience in journalistic writing, media co-ordination, film script writing, film dubbing, film & video making, treatments for international film festivals and editing of books & journals. Proficient in providing professional services of these related fields. Was a security officer of Indian Information Service and superannuated through the post of Director, Press Information Bureau, Kolkata in November, 2019. Published his first solo book ‘Laugh and Let Laugh’ in 2017 and the second book ‘The Cheerless Chauffeur and Other Tales’ in 2021.

An American Tragedy

Shakespeare couldn’t showed a better screen play of the tragedy or should we say travesty that’s playing through-out the United States as well as the world. Perilous times have arrived. The world that we familiar with know has suddenly and violently altered the lives and livelihoods of millions. The overwhelming failures of governments specially in the United States to manage effectively while using scourge in this pandemic as well as the unilateral failure to implement radical reforms to combat the catastrophic consequences of Global Warming have elected our planet and each and every society become liable to the most catastrophic environmental and economic disaster ever since the last Ice Age.

Need we remind us it was 60 years ago our nation was filled wit hate, bitterness and civil unrest. The quagmire with the Vietnam War kept the United States hostage for the growing tempests of discontent. Today, find history repeating. The scenario has evolved but the US continues to be faced with hate, bitterness and civil unrest. The quagmire from the Afghanistan War where quantities of dollars happen to be wasted, countless lives lost plus a country left in shambles are too familiar circumstances who have played out before.

Deja vu again. The eerie circumstances surrounding our failure in Afghanistan corresponds to the failure in Viet Nam. In both instances our government failed the American public, the individuals of Afghanistan and Viet Nam. We have to back further to can remember the words of General of The Army Douglas Mac Arthur that he so eloquently warned with the consequences of once we send our soldiers in harms way. “There might be no replacement complete victory.” “The very object of war is victory.” All we did both in instances was prolonged the conflict where again huge amounts of dollars were and therefore are wasted, a huge number of lives lost, and nations left shattered. All of which have triggered more tempests of violent aggression. Just check out what is happening in Afghanistan today.

Had we heeded Mac Arthur’s words the United States today will be in a more effective position in leading Global affairs. Yet, here i am today up against a demoralized military, governmental bungling at each level and populations desperately attempting to survive. And, the plight for millions is merely increasing with every misstep our government makes.

It wasn’t that previously though the nation was filled wit a promise of better times ahead. Now, that advertise has been broken because of the tempests of disease, pestilence, famine, and death. It seems the Four Horsemen have indeed arrived. Too many times when up against such adversity our government points fingers concerning whom guilty. Such as the case today. As consequences always occur the world wide web results have proven futile in averting but pandemic but practically every major crisis that takes place along.

The sociological changes that have already been rapidly occurring in addition have threatened the moral and physical framework of life through the United States. And, if permitted to proceed unchecked the world that we understand will disappear. Added to this today, high of humanity will be herded in a quagmire of unknowns especially while using overwhelming mandates connected with an experimental non-vaccine to supposedly decrease and eventually stop the spread of Covid-19.

Too many in government didn’t work to learn the lessons that history should certainly teach us. And, today much with the worlds populations are suffering for doing this. The world is facing a turbulent period. For over fifty years we had the ability to fully address climate change and yet we failed at each turn. When we faced a developing epidemic we again failed also it morphed to a full blown pandemic. We again still did not fully understand our consequences of our own foreign policy engagements and so they only accelerated into major international conflicts which may have like any devices our government does for over 60 years wasted vast amounts of dollars. cost thousands and a huge number of lives and livelihoods. and left nations as a whole disillusionment with the actions we undertook. When we add all of these variables together we view the dilemma government has produced. More questions than answers have begun.

Probabilities Of The COVID-19 Third Wave

The COVID-19 expert panel on the Government of India had predicted a couple of days earlier the much feared Third Wave with the pandemic could come from the month of September maybe in August 2021 which is likely to peak in October. The panel sounded a sinister warning that daily cases could reach four or five hundred thousand (lakh) if not more, and accordingly they recommended further strengthening from the health infrastructure on the country with regard to ICU beds, beds with ventilators and oxygen. There has also been a fear it may infect numerous children and many states of India happen to be on the job of producing more pediatric facilities in hospitals. The panel, however, said there is certainly still deficiency of data to substantiate such a fear. In the meantime the Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) had already approved India-made Zydus Cadila’s Zycov-D vaccine for emergency use for the children above the era of 12 as well as the vaccination process is prone to start in the month of September 2021. This can be a big boost for reopening high schools, but no breakthrough has been created so far to vaccinate children below 12 with the result that the reopening of primary school hangs in uncertainty that’s been affecting children on the rural areas severely, developing a digital divide in the nation.

Although the warnings in the panel come as being a timely factor to encourage people to choose vaccination and continue on following the COVID protocols strictly and further strengthen the sector, it could actually also be described as over-cautious approach in light of so what happened in the disastrous second wave. This assertion is because the fact that it’s still not certain if your second wave had indeed concluded; it is possible to fluctuations in daily cases in at the least six states including primarily Kerala and Maharashtra while in from the rest in the country the spread has essentially been controlled. Further, the fluctuations from the country’s daily cases have largely been on account of Kerala and Maharashtra, although the new variant Delta Plus has infected around 60 people in Maharashtra it like a variant of doubt and its likely spread isn’t yet confirmed even though extensive genome investigations. These are indeed hopeful trends and it also would be the most sensible thing to happen for the pandemic-ravaged country in the event the third wave is effectively prevented.

In this perspective comes the statement made for the Indian media with the Chief Scientist from the World Health Organization (WHO), Dr. Soumya Swaminathan the COVID-19 pandemic in India might have reduced for an endemic as being the fluctuations in daily cases have already been confined to only limited areas high has been no exponential surge in infections inside last 2-3 months. She, however, cautioned that large chunks with the Indian population are still subject to infections as being the fully vaccinated people from the country is hardly 10%, so the rate of vaccination has to be speeded up immediately. In support of her theory the fluctuations in daily cases are actually found being limited to a couple of geographical areas only even as already mentioned, and he or she further asserted such fluctuations are planning to continue. Here, we’ve got to mention the immunity data we presented within an earlier piece the spot that the immensity in the second wave was established regarding huge number of deaths and infections anywhere in the country, not officially endorsed.

There are differences between endemic, epidemic and pandemics: the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) clarifies it as a, “a disease is endemic when its presence or usual prevalence inside population is constant. When the cases commence to rise, it really is classified as a possible epidemic. If this epidemic has become recorded in a number of countries and areas, it’s called a pandemic”. In case, the COVID-19 pandemic has indeed become an endemic in India the ways to control its likely spread within or outside the desired areas and forestall serious disease and deaths have to be readied beforehand. As we mentioned earlier an endemic can again become an epidemic and God forbid, taking into consideration the highly infectious nature from the Delta variant it may quickly convert itself in to the form of any pandemic.

Whatever unfolds within the near future, we have to get ourselves vaccinated as soon as possible the responsibility in which continues to rest while using Government of India, also it is almost conclusively proved that this vaccines can prevent hospitalization and mortality, or even infections or rarely re-infections; we are seeing deliberations about giving vaccine booster shots to those who had taken the vaccine a lot more than six months back throughout the world; and that we have to continue with wearing masks, adhere to hand hygiene and keep social distancing as much as possible without despairing for how long. We must accept which the virus is rarely going to leave us alone depending on scientific data, and now we can do merely positively hope for the best within the coming time.

Chinmay Chakravarty is usually a professional specialized from the creative field with more than two decades of experience in journalistic writing, media co-ordination, film script writing, film dubbing, film & video making, treating international film festivals and editing of books & journals. Proficient in providing professional services over these related fields. Was a political candidate of Indian Information Service and superannuated from your post of Director, Press Information Bureau, Kolkata in November, 2019. Published his first solo book ‘Laugh and Let Laugh’ in 2017 with his fantastic second book ‘The Cheerless Chauffeur and Other Tales’ in 2021.

Peace in Venezuela

In 2021 Venezuela faces its’ worst economic and humanitarian crises since the economy has contracted by 65% and 33% on the population suffer food insecurity.

The Maduro Government blames US economic sanctions along with the Opposition is fractured and ineffective.

There are like Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida its keep is a large Cuban expatriate population, who report that the Cuban protesters here is a new government which it is incumbent for the US to assist their efforts and Miami’s Mayor Francis Suarez who demands air strikes on Cuba to just make regime change.

Those who advocate more hostility to your island don’t realize the importance of Cuba in reaching a political settlement.

The most effective answer is to get both parties to iron out a peaceful settlement using a view to obtaining immediate humanitarian relief.

But to get a settlement in Venezuela the support of Cuba, its’ best ally is essential.


Cuba can have more influence than someone to bring the Government and also the Opposition together to be able to iron out a binding agreement.

Several hundred Cuban security advisers guard the Venezuelan government and Cuba still receives 55,000 barrels each day of oil from Venezuela at subsidized prices so they could earn the services of Cuban medical personnel.

For economic reasons the US wants a political settlement as it needs the crude oil in Venezuela and it can be against US interests to help destabilize the city state.

On the positive side progress has made towards negotiations as a way to achieve a peaceful agreement.

In early May Venezuela’s Congress named a fresh New National Electoral Council that features two Opposition figures, a development that Opposition leader Henrique Capriles hailed as “a first indispensable step” towards elections and also Juan Guaido, the self-declared interim President, endorsed a gradual lifting on the international sanctions.

On June 25, the US, Canada along with the European Union issued a joint statement promising “to look at the sanctions policies”.

Oil is extremely essential for Cuba’s economy considering the current recession due to coronavirus pandemic plus the US economic sanctions.
In 2018 Cuba provided to play a much more constructive role in reaching funds if the US shows a parallel commitment plus in 2019 Cuba hosted talks relating to the Maduro Government and also the Opposition.

President Obama opened a rapprochement with Cuba by visiting the city, exchanging embassies and removing some on the sanctions nevertheless the Trump administration reversed the advances and imposed new sanctions.

Securing Cuba’s support for just a Venezuelan settlement is often more difficult if President Biden continues Trump’s sanctions that they has up to now done not remove.

Given that any political settlement in Venezuela can have to move through Havana, the most suitable choice for the US could be to remove the sanctions that happen to be seen because major obstacle to progress about the humanitarian crisis as a result of Cuba’s attachment to cheap Venezuelan oil also, since they are a disincentive for Cuba to co-operate with Washington.

We Used to Sacrifice Lives to Preserve Our Freedom

When I was entering my teens, the Vietnam war was still being going. I assumed then who’s would embark on indefinitely which when I turned eighteen my name would enter in the lottery and I too could possibly be called up. I dreaded the candidate, though, still, I could be aware of the rationale of conscription and why dad supported it so strongly. Our society ended up being built on democratic principles that enshrined fundamental human freedoms. Those freedoms were under threat from your godless ideology of Communism (possibly even we was told) and so it was right and proper we stand together to shield our country and protect those freedoms, even though it meant countless numbers of the young men must die, perhaps including me!

Times have changed. I thank God that I didn’t have to go and fight in Vietnam, and I am now unequivocally against the practice of conscription. That’s because I don’t believe just how our wars are purchased to us – as noble causes. The ‘domino principle’ that’s used to justify the stand it Vietnam turned into vacuous. We had no enterprise being in Vietnam any further than we did in Iraq, Afghanistan or Syria. I no more believe in conscription because I don’t trust the federal government. Even so, I accept the standard principle, we now have things worth dying for, understanding that we needs to be ready to pay a cost to protect our freedoms. So… what actually transpired?

I remember when lockdowns were first announced, I posted a relevant video on Facebook, expressing concern and suggesting we should think about where we draw the queue. If we accept social distancing and stay-at-home orders, what is the point where we draw a line? When we’re no more allowed to embrace our youngsters – is the fact where we draw the cloths line?

I posted that in March 2020, and received a quick call from my bishop, asking me to adopt it down. He said, “nobody is saying that individuals can’t embrace our”, just as if I had ventured in the absurd. I took the playback quality down. Within a couple of weeks of that mobile phone call I watched news footage of your man disembarking his plane in Darwin where his young son ran around embrace him. Dad stepped back together with his hands via a flight. Lockdown rules had enter in to force while he ended up being in flight and, indeed, the person was forbidden to embrace his child.

Not even after that my position as parish priest was terminated – a situation that I’d held for 30 years. At least that meant I could repost my video. Yes, I’ve been in a position to speak freely since, though without a doubt many had hoped that by denying me a pulpit, I’d remain preaching right into a void.

I have not accepted, and I usually do not accept now, that what’s driving our government’s respond to this ‘great pandemic’ is purely a problem for public health. That is largely since the statistics usually do not justify, and have not justified, how much totalitarian response we now have endured.

Yes, folk have died. Indeed, a superb friend of mine died from COVID 19. He died in Syria and never in Australia, but I don’t deny for the second which the virus is real and deadly. Even so, there are tons of things these days that can kill us, as well as governments should play some role in seeking to protect us, but it is a matter of balance.

The roads is usually deadly. People die every single day from vehicle accidents but and we don’t reduce the national speed limit to 40 km/hour, though we know full well that would reduce expenses than a thousand lives on a yearly basis!

We be aware that by allowing families to develop in-ground pools of their backyards how the number of domestic drownings will in the end increase. We still allow them to do it.

We understand that by banning the sale and use of alcohol, because US did for just a full thirteen years (between 1920 and 1933, road deaths could be reduced, domestic violence cases would decrease, and there could well be way less brawling within the streets. Even so, practically we not ban the sale of alcohol, but even during the most serious lockdowns, the sale of alcohol may be considered a necessary service!

I simply don’t believe that public health was ever the only and sufficient reason for locking down huge quantities of healthy people, and when it were, surely excess fat would have been fond of the health tariff of the lockdowns.

Lockdowns destroy small business owners and lose people their jobs, which then causes stress, poverty, depression and domestic tensions. Moreover, while lockdowns may possibly be a minor disruption for your well-to-do along with the well-healed, for the people who are around the edge, lockdowns threaten to push them above the edge.

As I mentioned, I have lost one friend to COVID. Even so, I know of seven who may have died through suicide of these lockdowns. One with the boys during my boxing club informed me one night of how he gone to see his dad but got there to get that he previously had hanged himself. How do you get over something like that?

I read that over the Melbourne lockdown, youth suicide rose by 180%. I’m surprised it’s actually not more.

I haven’t had paid employment myself since I lost my position inside church and I’ve been struggling. Lockdowns are suffocating. The universe will no longer seems like an amiable place. Stopping the anguish through self-destruction actually starts to look like a credible way forwards. It is not, naturally. It never is. Even so, I have felt the pull from your abyss, and I weep for all those for whom that pull has become just too great.

We accustomed to think that freedom was worth dying for. What happened? Well… the narrative changed.

In today’s official narrative we’re also indeed at war, even so the enemy is COVID and were all standing together to combat against it.

Yes, we’ll all ought to endure some hardship and, inevitably, some will need to sacrifice in excess of others, but once we now have achieved victory on the virus enemy, each one of these hardships will be forgotten. The economy will recover, smaller businesses will thrive again, the us government will relinquish all emergency powers, and electronic tracking and surveillance will be gone forever. Those who suicided will be resurrected. so we won’t even remember what social distancing was as we’ll all be too busy embracing each other in celebration!

Does this sound about right?

The only thing which enables the official narrative look plausible is always that the counter-narratives, many of which point to secret cabals plotting the destruction in the human race, look even less plausible. Personally, I don’t accept these narratives. Rather, I believe that what’s driving the worldwide reply to the virus are similar twin forces that drive pretty much everything else on earth – namely, the lust for power and funds, because both versions feed on fear.

Fear sells newspapers, fearful populations are simple to control, and, naturally, on this extraordinarily litigious culture, both companies and governments are terrified to become sued once they be held to blame for someone’s death simply because did not do enough to guard them!

The institutional church works exactly in this way. I remember while I was still being in seminary hearing a bishop warn us we (the church) should be careful not to ever apologise to your Indigenous population lest we be sued such as church in Canada which had been then resembling it might soon be insolvent! I believed to the bishop then, “but shouldn’t we do precisely what is right and allow the chips fall where they could?” I don’t think I received a solution.

With any large company or government or institution, the conclusion will always be in general, so the church can’t make risk of allowing website visitors to worship for your same reason we can’t grab the risk to be honest about our history.

We cannot open the way in which for a lot of litigants into the future forward and say “my grandma would nevertheless be alive if you have only closed the doors with the church”. No! We must do whatever is important – close the doors, stop people singing, talking, embracing, deny the faith if we now have to… just protect the final outcome!

There are alternate paths using this mess.

For our leaders, we want them to be guided by love rather than by fear. As the Apostle John said, “perfect love casts out all fear”. (1 John 4:18), If love is just too big much to request for, simply a basic respect for human dignity is going to do.

Go and Tell Pharaoh

Your deliverance will likely be sudden, swift, dramatic and unprecedented. Your enemies will probably be shocked by how God will perfect and actualize your freedom. The chains and shackles are increasingly being broken now. The slavery has finished! Their grip over you has been weakened. Are you not seeing it? God will shock them. They are looking for a great surprise. By the time the awaken, anyone with a people are gone. Gone forever. Gone permanently. These uncircumcised Egyptians will not likely keep you, yes, they is not going to keep Israel forever. They hate you as you bear the objective of God. They hate you because God has blessed you. They hate you simply because you are industrious and progressive. They despise you as you are independent, godly, glorious, resilient and unstoppable. They hate your guts and feel they can not compete with you. They are afraid by investing in such guts and grace you might overtake and rule over them. That was precisely the problem Israelite had together with the Egyptians. Envy! They hate you simply because you serve the God of Israel and as you have an excellent destiny. They know that this hand of God is upon you and you would be the chosen people. Yes, they’ve known it which is why they’ve ganged approximately mistreat, subdue, intimidate, eliminate or help keep you in perpetual bondage. But God is saying today that their gathering will really come to nothing. Yes, they’ve got gathered, but it will likely be fruitless, in vain. God is laughing at them. They is going to be shocked thus to their marrow soon. Listen, God said by using a strong hand he can bring his children through the Egyptian bondage. And it is not merely bring you out, you may leave with great wealth – gold and silver. That is his word!

When God told Pharaoh to allow his people go he refused. He kept winning contests, playing god and defying the divine instructions. In fact, during a period he even had the audacity to query the existence and also the authority in the Almighty. I believe that there are something that comes upon rulers which makes them arrogant and selfish even when they do know they are self-destructing Just pay attention to him, “Who that the God that I will let Israel go? I do not know him and I will never let the individuals go!” My God! Did you hear that? Pride and arrogance! When these sons of devil occupy earthy positions or possessions, it goes into their head which they immediately forget that there are a creator of heavens and earth, the beginning and also the end, the alpha along with the omega, the glory of Israel, the I am that I am, the God in the Hebrews, the Almighty God, the everlasting father, the throne of no disappointment, he that owns life and death. Now, performs this resemble what you and the people are undergoing today? God may also deflate that over-bloating ego on this Pharaoh also. Yes, it’ll happen ahead of you think. And it is going to come in an exceptionally humbling and humiliating manner. We have seen it before and it’ll happen again. Listen to what he’s saying, “But I know the king of Egypt will never let you go except under heavy pressure. So I will reach out and strike in the middle of Egypt operating kinds of miracles. Then at last he’ll almost certainly let you go.” And further, “Now you might see what I will work to Pharaoh,” the Lord told Moses. “When he feels my powerful hand upon him, he’ll almost certainly let individuals go. In fact, he will likely be so anxious to remove them that he’ll force these to leave his land.” Exodus 3:19-20, 6:1.

Did you read that? Under pressure this uncircumcised wicked, heartless, despotic ruler will beg one to go. Yes, God stated that he will mount heavy pressure for this particular Satanic unrepentant, doomed Pharaoh, this enemy and he can also crumble like his demonic predecessors. Divine pressure! It can are derived from any angle plus in any form. Nobody, no group, no devils, no gang up can enslave individuals of God or can destroy divine plans and purposes. You are going to be kicking up against the stone. If those before him failed, he’ll also fail. If those before them were disgraced, these will even go in shame. And if those before them perished these can even perish. The wicked is not going to go unpunished. But he really has options now. He can repent and avert the impeding divine judgment and pressure. Or he’ll allow the Israelites to go out Egypt peacefully. When Pharaoh insisted how the Israelites must languish under his biting wickedness and bondage, God inflicted his land with plagues – economic, health, environmental, social and spiritual crises. And when that had been not enough God perished the boastful and arrogant king, all his commanders and advisers in the Red Sea. The Navy will refer to it burry on the ocean. It is a military practice. All those becoming Pharaohs, as gods now for you and to your consumers are coming under heavy divine pressure! The word of God declared the Egyptians [including these ones presently harassing you] aren’t God, but men. We will continue. Share this message online websites. God bless!